Batches are a way to organize assets in categories.
Each asset can have multiple batches attached to them. Batches are optional to use, and by default, imported assets have no batch.
You can attach batches to assets to quickly find them later, to assign them all to a certain labeler, to filter performance reports by batch, and much more.

How To Assign Batches to Assets on Import

When importing assets to Hub, be it from your local machine or from public/private cloud assets, you may attach a batch directly during import.
To do so, after clicking on Add Data in the Assets tab, expand the Advanced Config dropdown and add the batches you wish to attach.
If you have existing batches, they will show up here. You may also create new batches from this menu.
You may also assign batches during upload when using our SDK. See upload_files_cloud for more information.

How to Assign Batches After Import

From the Assets tab, toggle the checkmark next to the assets you wish to batch together (highlighted in green on the screenshot below). It may help to use the filters at the top of the list to narrow down your search.
You may click on the checkmark highlighted in red on the screenshot above to select all tasks in the current page.
Navigating to a different page of assets will deselect the checkmarks you have toggled earlier. Your checkboxes are not kept in memory when navigating between asset pages.
The maximum number of assets you may batch this way at any one time is 1000. This is accomplished by selecting 1000/page from the bottom right corner of the page, then clicking on the Select All checkmark highlighted in red on the screenshot above.
From the Item Actions dropdown, click on Set Batches.
From the dialog that appears, you will be able to select the batches to add to the selected assets from a list of existing project batches.
You may also assign batches after upload when using our SDK. See assign_batches for more information.

Creating and Editing Batches

To create and edit existing batches, navigate to the Settings tab and then to the Batches section.
  • To add a new batch, click on Add new batch.
  • To rename an existing batch, click on the
    icon next to the name of the batch you wish to rename.
  • To delete a batch, click on Delete on the row of the batch to delete.
Don't forget to click on Save or your changes will be lost when navigating away from the page.
You may also create batches after upload by using our SDK. See create_batch for more information.