Overview of reviewing annotations on Ango Hub.
Reviewing is a key component in ensuring your labels are kept at the highest possible level of quality.
Reviewing is the act of looking at a labeling task again and confirming that it was done correctly, or to fix it if it wasn't done correctly. Only users with the role of Reviewer or Manager can perform reviews.

How to review tasks (Reviewer or Manager roles only)

From your project's dashboard, click on Start Reviewing on the top-right corner of the screen.
You will be shown the first unreviewed labeling task in the project.
From here, you can accept the labels as they are by clicking on Accept, or you can reject the labeling task by clicking on Reject in the lower left corner of the screen.
Accept and Reject are flags attached to the particular task. Rejecting a task does not mean it will be sent to the review stage again.
If you choose instead to fix the labeling task yourself, make your modifications, then click on the Fixed button that appears in place of the Accept button.
After submitting your choice, you will be shown the next unreviewed task, until none are left.