Relation fields in Ango Annotation Format exports.
The Ango Annotation Format supports the following relation types:
  • Single Relation
    • Unidirectional
    • Bidirectional
  • Group

Overview of Relations in the Ango Annotation Format



  • objectId - A unique identifier for the relation. (e.g. each new relation has a different objectId.)
  • schemaId - A unique identifier for the chosen labeling tool. (e.g. all relations of the same category will have the same schemaId.)
  • title - External name of the tool (e.g. age, gender, color).

Single Relation

  • from - objectID of the first (departure) annotation in the relation.
  • to - objectID of the last (arrival) annotation in the relation.
  • direction - Direction of the relation, whether straight or bidirectional.


  • group - If the relation is a group relation (e.g. is contains more than two members), a list of objectIDs of the objects contained in the group.

Sample Relation Export

"relations": [
"objectId": "d64c9411b9e040691f72813",
"schemaId": "bbe5d081089f774a2fef435",
"from": "f9b1e50ec081e156c718420",
"to": "961dc4d7cb430aca8f2f096",
"direction": "straight",
"title": "singleRelationName"
"objectId": "5b7563fe8f76a2fdd1aa889",
"schemaId": "1c2d75ce36cbf0aea306012",
"group": [
"title": "groupRelationName"