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Welcome to Ango Hub's documentation pages.

Welcome to Ango Hub and its documentation.

Ango Hub is the quality-first data annotation platform, used by businesses of all types and sizes: academia, startups, insurance and banking companies, national security agencies, and more.
Whether you are a data annotator or one of our customers, these docs aim to explain everything that there is to know about Ango Hub.
If you are using your own workforce to annotate, you are using either our cloud platform or our on-premise install solution. The present docs apply equally to both, as there are no differences between the two. If Ango Hub is installed on your premises, we will contact you when a new update is released.
If you chose to use Ango AI's fully-managed data annotation service, our labeler workforce is using Ango Hub right now to label your data. You may explore these docs to see what the platform looks like and how we make sure your data is labeled to the highest of quality standards.
If you just want to get started quickly, head over to the Video Guides page and watch our short introductions to the platform. Otherwise, feel free to explore our documentation from the sidebar to the left.
For any feedback regarding the documentation, feel free to email the maintainer of the docs at lorenzo (at)
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