Ango Hub On-Prem Installation Requirements

System requirements to install Ango Hub on-premises, in your own datacenter.
At the moment, only Ango Hub v2 is available for on-premise customers.
Ango Hub can be installed on-premise and deployed directly onto your cloud/virtualized infrastructure or on your own hardware.
Ango Hub itself runs in a containerized environment. Ango Hub supports using, out of the box, existing NFS or Kubernetes Supported Block storage services like Ceph, Longhorn, Open EBS and more.
For enterprise customers we provide specialized installation scripts that automate installing software requirements and volume adjustments based on their server setups.
LDAP is fully supported.
Contact our team at [email protected] for more information and for further customization options.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum Requirements
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 or newer CentOS 8 or newer Ubuntu 18.04 or newer Debian Buster or newer
32 GB
500 GB (varies depending on your data)